I am quite sorry it has taken me sometime now to write a blogpost. Life has been so busy and tedious at the same time but I can definitely admit that I missed the way writing for all my readers made me feel.
My mom talked to my sister and I today. It wasn’t just any kind of conversation. It was the kind of conversation that made you really want to listen. She talked about her struggles and the daily sacrifices she had had to make on our behalf. Most of her mother’s poor choices had reflected in her own life and she has had to live with it. Throughout the talk, I remembered feeling a particular emotion that made me feel sorry for every mistake I had ever made in my life. Sooner than later, I realized that what I had felt was gratitude.
It is easy to get caught up in everything that is wrong in your life. On some days, I question my existence and purpose in life. On other days, I am bitter and angry too. I realize now that I have been ungrateful for far too long. Yes, a lot of things are wrong in my life. I know this because I often compare my life and family with that of those around me and I can spot the differences.But l also realize that the one constant in my life that I am most grateful for is my mother. Sure, she is not perfect. She has her own faults. Heck!! I can already think of about 10 of her imperfections. Through all her faults, I can also think of her merits. Her ability to work hard, to remain devoted, to sacrifice. Quite often before now, I remembered feeling angry at her for the little things l didn’t have :new clothes, new shoes, a new phone…. and everything else that when I really think about right now seems irrelevant. I might not have everything I want right now but I do have a few things which my mom worked hard to provide and I must learn to cherish them. It is easy to have a low self-esteem and feel like less of a person when you start to compare yourself with others. Please, don’t do that. It all isn’t worth it.
A few weeks ago,my therapist Terri sent me an email. She said “it is easy to get tired of your life as it is right now. But remember that it won’t remain this way forever. You will get older, life will change and nothing is a given. Try to be grateful for the little things in life you have. You may disregard them but a lot of people don’t have what you have. And don’t settle. Work hard for the things you want.”
With love,
Stella 😘😘

The Fault In Our Stars

Hello again, welcome to my blog and as you might have already noticed, am still figuring things out so do forgive my amateur mistakesπŸ˜†.

This isn’t your regular blog post. Today, I would like to talk about a movie l feel like has changed my life. It’s called ‘The fault in our stars ‘.It took me 5years to watch this movie and I can honestly say l’m glad I did πŸ˜„.To all my readers who have seen this movie, thank you for giving me the honor to feel connected to you.. And to those who haven’t, don’t worry… You will catch up πŸ˜„.

It’s a movie about 2 cancer patients who met and fell in love and I can honestly say that I have never seen 2 beautiful souls depicted so perfectly in a movie. I felt a range of emotions throughout this journey… from tears 😒 to laughter😁 to smilesπŸ˜† and then back to tears again. I loved the way Shailene Woodley’s eyes lit up when she laughed with Ansel Elgort and I loved the way Ansel Elgort could be so blunt and honest about his feelings for her. I loved this particular movie because I learnt a lot. I learnt about love,true and real love, not the kind that is based on money or looks or even sex but the kind that is based on human connection.The kind that you read about in books and dream about in real life πŸ˜„.Everything about this particular movie was perfect for me.. From the expressions to the chemistry and down to the tears. Everything felt so real.l can honestly say this movie is kinda like a gift to me (l know that sounds so clicheπŸ˜†) and from the bottom of my heart,l thank the producers.

If you haven’t seen the movie, do check it out.. I can honestly say you won’t regret it and if you have seen it… Do tell me what it felt like for you πŸ‘ŒπŸ˜„.

Lots of love,


P. S:who else is looking forward to the final season of Game of thrones this April? 😎

Travails of a festive season

I am new here so let me officially introduce myself. My name is Chisom Stella Awah but my friends πŸ˜„ call me Stella. I am 17,petite..and yeah, I like to talk tooπŸ˜„.

I recently returned home from celebrating the festivities with my family and I can honestly say that I’m exhausted πŸ˜‘.Everything felt like a rush… From entertaining relatives to visiting friends.. I can honestly say I’m well spent.

But on the bright side… I loved visiting my village after so long.P.s:I’m from Ikwuano in abia State so anybody from there too.. Holla at me πŸ˜„πŸ‘Œ.Anyways, I enjoyed the visit.That includes the people, fruits, food 😝(proud foodie) and lastly, my beautiful cousins.

And u??tell me how u spent the festive season πŸ˜„

With love,

Stella πŸ˜„